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Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology

Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology is that branch of dentistry that integrates the fields of medicine and dentistry to promote optimal health. Oral medicine is that area of special competence concerned with the health and with disease involving the oral and para oral structures. It includes those principles of medicine that relate to the mouth, as well as research in biological, pathological and clinical spheres. It was recognized as a specialty by the DCI in 1968 (Oral Medicine) and 1971(Oral Radiology.

The theme of the department is “Oral Health for General health”. As a specialty, Oral Medicine and Radiology is mainly associated with

1. Application of General Medicine & diagnostics in dentistry for the management of various diseases of head and neck
2. Oral healthcare of medically compromised patients
3. Dental management of medically compromised patients
4. Diagnosis and management of a wide variety of non-surgical conditions of the intraoral hard and soft tissues, to include facial pain, salivary gland disorders, vesiculobullous diseases and other oral soft tissue lesions that may be either primary in origin or oral manifestations of systemic diseases.
5. Recognition of the interaction of oral and systemic health
6. Integration of medical and oral health care
7. Management of Pharmaco-therapeutics necessary for treatment of oral and systemic diseases
8. Investigation of the etiology and treatment of oral diseases through basic science and clinical research
9. Research, teaching and patient care
10. Provision of care for medically complex patients and for those undergoing cancer therapy
11. Diagnosis and management of psychosomatic oral diseases.
12. Identification of culprits with the help of dental structures ( forensic odontology )

The department also offers many services like Radiographic investigations(Intraoral & Extraoral), Intralesional Therapy , Counselling, Sialometry, Guided Aspirations, Incisional & Aspiration Biopsy, Exfoliative Cytology, Vital staining, Digital radiography.


The Department aims to train the UG students so that they may foster excellence in education, research and patient care in the field of oral medicine, promote the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding the medical aspects of dentistry while serving the best interests of the public and also promote the highest standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions that are not responsive to conventional dental, oral or maxillofacial surgical procedures.
For PG students the department provides an avenue of referral for dental practitioners who have patients with severe, life-threatening medical disorders or complex diagnostic problems involving the oral and maxillofacial region that requires ongoing non-surgical management, to improve the quality of life of patients with medically-related oral diseases and to focus and educate on the latest imaging modalities and its applications in dentistry The Department also attends to making radiographs of various kinds, including all intraoral and extraoral radiographs, as well as advanced radiographic techniques such as orthopantomogram and cephalograms etc.
The PG students also gain experiential knowledge in the PG Oral Medicine Clinical Practice where they are trained in Diagnosis and Treatment of precancerous lesions and conditions, Diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain, Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular disorders, Oral/Dental management of medically complex patient, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Research design and Evaluation. The students are also trained in Maxillofacial Radiology practice which includes Plain film radiography (Intraoral and extraoral), Trauma Radiography, Implant Radiography and TMJ Radiography.

Research & Publications

Dr. Vikram Khare

Familial intraoral Von Recklinghausen’s disease- A case report. JIDA vol. 5, 2, Feb 2011.
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus – A case report. JIDA, vol. 5, 1, Jan 2011
> Thrombocytopenic purpura gingival bleeding- A case report. JIDA vol. 4, 11, Nov. 2010

Dr. Anshuman Jamdade:

1. Localization of a peripheral residual cyst- Diagnostic role of CT scan. Case reports in Dentistry. Accepted on 27th Sep. 2011.
2. Mental foramen on panoramic radiograph: As an index for quantitative assessment of mandibular alveolar bone resorption. JIDA, Rajasthan. Branch (Dental Raj. April 2010).
3. Current concept in management of anticoagulated patients undergoing minor oral surgical preocedures- Presented for publication in TUMA 2009-10. (Tamil Nadu association of oral & maxillofacial association journal)
4. Bone scintigraphy & panoramic radiography in deciding the extent of bone resection in benign jaw lesions. International journal of oral & maxillofacial surgery. Ref. no. IJOMS-D-11-00769 sent on 21st October 2011.
5. Technetium-99m bone scan & orthopatomography in detection of bone invasion by oral carcinoma. Oral Radiology. Manuscript no.ORRA-D-11-00082 sent on 27th Sep. 2011

Dr Hemant Kumar:

1. Gorlin Goltz syndrome with situs inversus: A rare case report : Revesta de Clíninica e Pesquisa. Odontologica, , V. 5, N. 2, P. 175-184, MAIO/AGO. 2009.
2. Ameloblastic carcinoma of Mandible- A rare case report with review of literature J Clin Exp Dent. 2010;2(2):e1-5.
3. Peripheral Osteoma of the Mandible a case report: J Clin Imaging Sci 2011;1:56.
4. Aggressive Ossifying Fibroma: A Rare Case Report Journal of Oral Health & Research * 2012 * Vol. 3 * No.1

Ongoing Research:

1. Interpretation & Survey of Radiographic Findings in Panoramic Radiographs – A Retrospective Study of 2000 Digital Radiographs by Dr Ashok Galav.
2. Efficacy of Topical & Intralesional Medication in OSMF -An Invivo Clinical Study by Dr Mansi Chauhan.
3. Oral Manifestation & Panoramic Findings in Patients with Dental Fluorosis – A Hospital Based Epidemiological Study in Jaipur by Dr Roopali Mahajan
4. Comparative Analaysis of Drugs Carbamazepine , Gabapentine, Diclofen in Trigeminal Neuralgia Patients by Dr Deepika Bayana
5. Age estimation with the help of IOPA – a correlation study by Dr Nupur Satija
6. Effects Of Various Forms of Tobacco (Smokeless & Smoked) on Oral Cavity - A Clinical Study by Dr Satya Pal Yadav.

Achievements of post graduates: Dr Ashok Galav (2010)

1. Poster in 22nd National Conference at Delhi on Hot Spots in Dentristry
2. Paper in Paper in 23rd National Conference at Banglore on Peripheral Cement Ossifying Fibroma – A Case Report.

Dr Mansi Chauhan (2010)

1. Poster in 22nd National Conference at Delhi on Hot Spots in Dentristry
2. Paper in 23rd National Conference at Banglore on Lateral Periodontal Cyst – A Case Report

Dr Roopali Mahajan (2010)

1. Poster in 22nd National Conference at Delhi On Hot Spots in Dentristry
2. Paper in 23rd National Conference at Banglore on Dentinal Dysplasia – A Case Report

Dr Deepika Bayana (2011)

1. Poster in PG Convention at Belgaum on Pain Pathway in Orofacial Region
2. Paper in Triple O at Lucknow on Inflammatory Reactive Hyperplasia Of Gingiva : A Case Series

Dr Nupur Satija (2011)

1. Poster in PG Convention at Belgaum on Pain Pathway in Orofacial Region
2. 1st Prize Paper in Triple O at Lucknow on Review Paper on Oral Lichenplanus as a Pre Neoplastic Inflammatory Model along with Presentation of 4 Cases.

Dr Satya Pal Yadav (2011)

1. Poster in PG Convention at Belgaum on Pain Pathway in Orofacial Region
2. Paper in 23rd National Conference at Banglore on Position of Mental Foramen in North Western Indian Population on 500 Patients
3. Poster in National Conference of Dermatology on Oral Manifestation of HIV
4. Paper in Triple O at Lucknow on Verrucous Carcinoma – A Case Report

Dr Ashwini Maurya, Dr Neeraj Yadav & Dr Niharaka (2012)

Poster in Triple O at Lucknow on Oral Manifestation of HIV