Knowledge of the human anatomy plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a medical degree. The teaching at MGUMST aims at equipping students with the knowledge in anatomy to help them embark a professional journey filled with competence and confidence.
The department has been moulded and nurtured under the guidance of several able doctors and professors.The department has all the facilities relating to infrastructure & equipment as required by MCI. The teaching facilities are supported by a large number of museum specimens, models and charts spread over all the sections viz. Dissection hall, Museum and Histology laboratory.

The undergraduate students are taught through a precisely framed time table. The didactic lectures are well supported with audio- visual aids. For the practical training there are adequate number of cadavers, museum specimens, models & Histology slides. The students are guided through extensively and precisely planned instructions.

Research & Publications

Dr. D.S. Chowdhary (in last three years)
• Bilateral Unusual Variant of Sternalis muscle. Journal of surgical Academia; 2 (1): 26-29, 2012.
• A unilateral variant of Musculocutaneous nerve. Indian Journal of Appplied Basic Medical Sciences;14 B(19), 2012
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• Review of the chronology of Epiphyseal Union in the bones at knee and ankle joint. J Indian Acad Forensic Med (Communicated)
• Dermatoglyphics pattern of jain population of Western Rajasthan J Ind Human Genetics (Communicated)

Papers presented at the Annual conference of ASI held since 2009
• A Comparative study of Anthropometric parameters of new-born and their mothers in Western Rajasthani population
• Estimation of stature from various anthropometric parameters in Western Rajasthani population
• Radiological study of lumbar spine in low backache cases in western Rajasthan population
• Radiographic study of sagittal diameter of cervical spinal canal in Rajasthan populations
• Study of correlation between neonatal & placental parameters and CR length
• To study supra orbital foramen & notches in human skull in Rajasthan Population

Dr. Simmi Mehra
• Bilateral Unusual Variant of Sternalis muscle. Journal of surgical Academia; 2 (1): 26-29, 2012
• A unilateral variant of Musculocutaneous nerve. Indian Journal of Appplied Basic Medical Sciences;14B(19), 2012.
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Dr. Abhilasha Dadhich
• Study of effect of eclampsia and chronic hypertension on gross morphology of placenta. Int. J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1771-1773
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