The Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology's department of Anaesthesiology, Critical Care & Pain Management is comprised of several board-certified anaesthesiologists. We are all committed to providing superior patient care with sub-specialities in areas of anaesthesiology including cardiac, neurological, general surgery, plastic surgery, dental surgery, obstetrics and gynaecological, ENT, orthopaedic, ophthalmology and intensive care. Our department provides services like critical care, pain clinic, painless labour, emergency and trauma care, monitored anaesthesia care and anaesthesia at remote locations such as CT, MRI, Endoscopy etc.

Our department also provides Pre Hospital care and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) which gives pre hospital care on the scene and during transportation of patients with serious injuries or illness. Our ACLS ambulances are equipped with all resuscitation equipment and ventilators, monitors etc. as well as a well-trained EMS staff. This level of care is comparable to ICU care where in the form of mobile ICU starts providing life saving treatment on site or at home and work on the concept of early goal directed GOLDEN FIRST HOUR for trauma and PLATINUM TEN MINUTES for heart attack for the best chances to save patient.

We have state-of-the-art, centrally air conditioned, world class 14 Cardiac ICU, 10 Trauma and Surgical ICU, 10 NICU and 5 PICU. These ICUs are capable of handling all types of patients. All the ICU beds are equipped with high tech gadgets like monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps, infusion pumps and blood gas analysis. We also have a 24x7 availability of a team of senior doctors both specialists and super specialists. Highly trained, experienced and dedicated 1:1 nursing staff, physiotherapist, and dieticians are also available who are specially trained for intensive and cardiac care.

Our teaching program consists of clinical theory lectures as per teaching schedule and practical posting in operation theatre for the UG teaching. And seminars, case presentations, theory lectures, periodical assessment test, journal club, intra department presentation and department meeting for the PG students. This not only trains them in this field but also gives the students an overall perspective for a much broader outlook and approach as medical professionals. We also regularly provide BLS, ACLS and ATLS training to UG, PG and Paramedical staff and students.

Research & Publications

On Going Research in Department

  • Effect of IV Clonidine premedication on Hemodynamic changes during laproscopic surgery by Dr.Sandeep Kothari under the guidance of Dr.Shashi Kala Chaturvedi.
  • Study of different doses of dexmedetomidine on haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation: Perioperative haemodynamic and anaesthetic requirement by Dr.PrateekBahnot under the guidance of Dr. R.S. Chaudhri.
  • Comparative study between Epidural Bupivacaine with Buprenorphine and Epidural Bupivacaine for post operative analgesia in abdominal and lower limb surgery by Dr.Samrat Joshi under the guidance of Dr.Dharm Das Jethava.
  • Comparative study of Ephedrine versus Phenylephrine for management of hypotension during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean delivery by Dr.Priyanka Sharma under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs) DurgaJethava.
  • Hemodynamic changes and intubating conditions using Vecuronium versus Rocuronium in general surgical procedures – A comparative study by Dr.Prateek Sharma under the guidance of Dr.SudhirSachdev
  • I.V. infusion of Magnesium Sulphate during spinal anaesthesia improves post operative analgesia by Dr.VandanaTyagi under the guidance of Dr. R.S. Chaudhri.
  • Effect of Oral Gabapentin on the Intraocular pressure and Haemodynamic responses induced by tracheal intubation by Dr.Neha Gupta under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs) DurgaJethava.
  • Effect of three different dose regimes of Magnesium on Propofol requirement, Haemodynamic variables and post operative pain relief in gynaecological surgery by Dr.Santosh K. Singh under the guidance of Dr. R.S. Chaudhri.
  • Comparison of equipotent doses of Ropivicaine – Fentanyl and Bupivicaine–Fentanyl in spinal anaesthesia for lower abdominal surgery by Dr.Ankit K. Sahdev under the guidance of dr. Shashi Kala Chaturvedi.

Paper Presentations:

  • Dexmedomidine as an adjunct to Anaesthetic induction to attenuate Hemodynamic response to endotracheal intubation in patients undergoing elective surgery. Dr.ShilpsAgarwal, Dr. D.D. Jethava, Dr.Priyamvada Gupta. Dr (Mrs) DurgaJethava. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Comparison of clinic effectiveness of supraclavicular brachial plexus block using ropivacaine with ropivacaine and Clonidine. Dr.  (Col) PukhrajAjemra, Dr. (Mrs) DurgaJethava, Dr.AnandDerashri, Dr. Vijay Mathur.
  • A comparative study of epidural block with ropivacaine 0.75 and ropivacaine 0.75 with clonidine for lower abdominal surgeries. Dr.SudhirSachdev, Dr. (Mrs) DurgaJethava, Dr. DD. Jethava, Dr.ShashiKala Chaturvedi, Dr.VarunSani. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Hyperbaric spinal ropivacaine for caesarean delivery: A comparison to Heperbaric Bupivacaine. Dr.NitinBusar. Dr. (Mrs) DurgaJethava, Dr. Vijay Mathur, Dr. D.D. Jethava. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Dose related prolongation of bupivacaine spinal anaesthesia by oral Clonidine. Dr.Arpit Gupta, Dr. Rama Chatterjee, Dr.Rajendra Singh Chaudhri. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Premedication with ORAL Clonidine a dose response study. Dr.RadhikaDua, Dr. Rama Chatterjee, Dr.Rajendra Singh Chaudhri. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Per-Emptive analgesia with IV Paracetamol and IV Fentanyl patients undergoing open cholecytetomy: A comparative study. Dr.PratyushGoel, Dr.Shashi Kala Chaturvedi, Dr. (Mrs) DurgaJethava. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Cardiomyopathy and Anaesthesia management. Dr.Shashi Kala Chaturvedi. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Anaesthetic management for successful removal of intra-tracheal tumor. Dr.Shashi Kala Chaturvedi. Annals of Cardiac Anaethesia. Vol. 14:3 September – December 2011.
  • Peri Operative fasting status and role of medications in adult and children: An update. Dr. R.C. Gupta. The Gamga Ram Journal. Vol. 2 No. 1, 2012.
  • Effect of Dexmetoridimine Infection in major surgery: Peri Operative Haemodynamic and Anaesthetic requirement. Dr.PrateekBhanot, Dr. R.S. Chaudhri, Dr.Shashi Kala Chaturvedi. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.
  • Effect of intravenous Clonidine premedication on Haemodynamic changes during laryngoscopic surgery. RAJISACON 2011 XIV Conference.