Our Department is committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of ocular disorders. As we are a part of a renowned teaching hospital we use state of the art modalities to provide the best training to our students and the best possible care to our patients. We are equipped with the most modern technology such as Phacoemulsification, Perimeter, Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope, Fundus Floorosein Angiography Camera, Green Laser, Cryo Unit, Keratometer, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Synoptomphore, Operating microscope with TV Unit with camera, Slit lamp etc.
Our department is dedicated to the causes of vision disorders, to preventing them and to treating them should they occur. We aim at training future leaders in ophthalmology to be able to excel in their field as well as in researches and patient care.
We impart education to our Undergraduate students through both clinical and theory classes taken by the best in their field. The Post Graduate teaching consists of clinic internship, case presentations, seminars etc.
Specialty Clinics:

Monday                  -           Cornea Clinic
Tuesday                  -           Retina Clinic &Neuro Ophthalmology Clinic
Wednesday             -           Glaucoma Clinic
Thursday                 -           Corneal Clinic
Friday                     -           Squint &Oculoplasty Clinic 
Saturday                 -           Retina &Neuro Ophthalmology Clinic