Children are the future of the nation and caring of them is a very important task for MGUMST. The department consists of 3 wards with 90 beds, 6 OPD chambers, and 2 clinical demonstration rooms with a capacity to hold 30 students. The department also has modern audio-visual equipments, a departmental library and several faculty chambers.
The department also provides for several speciality facilities like Paediatric & Neonatal OPD &IPD , Neonatal 7 Paediatric ICUs, Vaccination, a specialities clinic, Level II NICU & PICU services and specialised services to IVF babies with exemplary record survival.
The department has actively participated in organizing several conferences like Raj-neocon, PALS course, NSSK workshops, NNF workshops. The department’s Professor Dr. A.K. Malhotra has also received NNF Fellowship and Dr.MaduMathur received the Best Paper Award at Raj Pedicon.
We are proud to say Dr. A.K. Malhotra won the Major General Amir Chand Award (Highest Professional Award for Research),MinistryOfDefence,New Delhi and Dr.  S.S. Manchanda won a Gold Medal, in Indian Academy of Paediatrics,Mumbai,BestReasearh paper in Neonatology.

The various equipments in our department are Ventilator, ABG Machine, Oxygen Conc., Pulse Oxymeter, Central Medical Gas supply, Heart Rate, Spo2 & BP Monitor, Infusion Pump, Electronic weighing scale, Open Care System Servo controlled, Baby Incubator Servo controlled, Phototherapy units, Pulse Oximeter, Central Medical Gas Supply, Neonatal Ventilator, Bubble CPAP, Oxygen Concentrator, Apnea Monitor, Infusion Pump, Dextrometer, Exchange Transfusion Set to name a few.

The department had also carved a niche for itself when it comes to its teaching program where the UG Teaching has daily bedside clinic, didactic Lectures, Seminar presentations, Project preparation etc. and the PG Teaching has, Bed side clinics, Seminars /symposia

  1. Clinico-pathological conferences, Journal club, Thesis, Research work, Paper presentations at conferences, Workshops, Ward/ICU /OPDduties, UG teaching, Bedside procedures, PG Quiz participation, Lectures, Counseling of parents

Research & Publications

  • Kakkar MK,  Gupta MK, Kakkar S, Malhotra A.K. Ante natal and perinatal care in an ICDS area: progress made in 19 years . IndPediatrics ( to be published in September issue)
  • Gupta P P – Multiple Foreign Bodies in a Neonate. Vol. – 45. Indian               Paediatrics, 2008.
  • Malhotra A. K.  - Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome in Children in text book of Child Psychiatry – 2008, Paras Publications.
  • Malhotra A. K.  , PriyaMarwah - Somatoform disorders in children. Co – Author, Chapter in Text book of Psychiatry. 2008, Paras  Publications.
  • Rimzim Gupta Free Paper. Aplasia cutis congenital a rare association.  Presented & published in Proceedings of 15th Annual Congress of Perinatal  Society of Malaysia. April 2008.
  • MadhuMathur  – “Munchausen syndrome by Proxy” Co – Author in the book “Essentials  of Postgraduate  Psychiatry “ by Dr. J. N. Vyas in 2008
  • MadhuMathur  – “ Gender Identity Disorders” Co – Author in the book “Essentials  of Postgraduate  Psychiatry “ by Dr. J. N. Vyas in 2008.
  • Kakkar M. K. – “ Book: - Child Heart Foundation, 2009.
  • Kakkar M. K. –Article “fungal infection in neonate”-souvnair PEDICON 2011.


Intra Mural Departmental  Research Projects

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Name of Faculty


Perinatal Outcome Of Ivf Babies Managed At Level Ii Nicu Of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital

Dr. A.K. Malhotra,  Dr. M. L. Swarankar, Dr.MunishKakkar, Mr. R. R. Soni,  Dr.Rimzim Gupta, Dr. Ravi Kant Soni


Asthma Prevalence Survey In Urban School Children

Dr.Mukesh Gupta, Dr. P.P. Gupta, Dr.MadhuMathur


Immediate Outcome Of Babies Delivered To Mothers Administered Epidural Analgesia In A Regional High Risk Perinatal Centre

Dr.Rimzim Gupta, Dr. A.K. Malhotra, Dr.MunishKakkar,


Morbidity And Mortality  In Low Birth Weight Babies  Managed At A Level Ii Nursery  

Dr. A.K. Malhotra


Prevalence Of Impaired Glucose  Tolerance Amongst  Overweight And Obese Adolescents  

Dr. P.P. Gupta


On Going Thesis Topic Post Graduate Students

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Thesis Topic

Name of Student

Name of Guide


Quantitative Levels Of C Reactive Protein In Cerebrospinal Fluid In Children With Bacterial And Other Meningitis


Dr. A.K. Malhotra


Exposure Of Sexual Content And Changing Sexual Behavior In Adolescent Girls: A Comparative Study Of Its Implications And Outcome On Total Health Of Urban And Rural Adolescent Girl Population Of Jaipur

Dr.Sitanshi Sharma


TWO papers  and 3 posters presented in RAJPEDICON 2011