The department of Radio-Diagnosis at Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology is a highly specialised department which aims to meet all patient and clinician needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies.
We conduct all types of routine and special investigations like X-rays including mammogram. We also have routine and special ultra sound colour Doppler studies, soft tissue sonography and all routine CT Scan and CT Angiography including coronary and contrast study, MRI with or without contrast, MRS, MRCP, MRI Mammogram, MR Angiographic study etc.
We have modern and advanced equipment like:-

  • CT Scan (Total Two) Single Slice & 128 Slice (First in Rajasthan)                                         
  • MRI (Total Two) 0.3 Tesla & 1.5 Tesla                                                                      
  • Ultra sound Units (Total Five)
    • Ultra Sound with two probes             
    • Portable U/S                                       
  • 3-D Ultra Sound                                 
  • Two Doppler U/S with four probes                                        
  • 4. X-ray Units (Total Five)
    • 800 m A with IITV                              
    • 500 m A with IITV                              
    • 500 m A Fixed                                    
    • Two 300 m A Fixed                            
    • Portable X-ray Units total Six each 100 m A                                                             
  • Mammogram unit                                                                 
  • (Digital) Computed Radiography Unit                                               
  • Film Auto processor

Our department has a vast space to accommodate faculty, students, equipment, reporting room as well as a seminar room. The department library has around 150 books as well as national and international journals.
We teach our students and train to turn them into competent medical professionals by the way of theory classes, ward posting, journal club, seminars and monthly theory and oral tests.