There are three hostels for boys, three for girls and one hostel for the PG students. Each hostel has its own separate mess, which provides nutritious and hygienic food to the students. The hostels have the capacity to accommodate around 1400 students.

• There are separate hostels for boys and girls in the campus.

• Hostel accommodation to all the students admitted to the MBBS course in the Institution is compulsory so as to maintain. However exemption may be granted to those living in Jaipur with their parents.

• The hostel provides a cot, a study table, a chair and one almirah for each student. Each hostel has hot water facility, common telephone, common TV room, common reading room, dining arrangements and in-door games facilities. There is adequate dining space for all students to dine at one time. Membership to the mess run in the hostel is compulsory.

• Hostel accommodation will be allotted only on the production of ID card and the hotel free receipt.

• Hostel free per student per academic year for different categories is given below:
• US $500 per annum or its equivalent in Indian Currency Double Seat Occupancy .
• US $1000 per annum or its equivalent in India Currency – Single Seat Occupancy.
• Hostel deposits : US $500 or its equivalent in India Currency (refundable) Interest Free.

Mess Charges : Mess charges are collected separately on a sharing basis.

• The hostel fee the 1st year is payable at the time of counseling / admission through a crossed demand draft drawn in favor of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital Payable at Jaipur. Subsequent payment must by made on the dates notified. In case a lower type of accommodation is allotted, the excess amount, if any, will be refunded / adjusted towards dues of the subsequent year.

• Few air conditioned are also available and their electricity charges will be collected as per separate meter for the room.