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Clinical Combined Round

Category CCR Channel
Obst Gynae -Unit-III 26 Year Old Female Acute Abdomen
Neuro - Surgery Unit- III A Case of Lower Limb Weakness
Plastic Surgery Forefoot Replantation in 3 Year
Neuro - Surgery Unit- III Middle aged man with right lower limb Weakness and foot drop
Gen. Medicine Unit-III A Middle aged Women with shortness of Breath
Molecular Infectious Disease Diagnostic Division (Central Research Lab) A 54 year old patient with fever and altered sensorium
Obst & Gynae Unit-I A 65 Year old Female with Pain Lower Abdomen & Discharge Per Vaginum
Cardiology A Young Primi full term Pregnant Female with Severe Orthonea
Palliative Medicine A 65 Year Old Patient with Painful Tonsillar Enlargement
Gen. Medicine Unit-IV A 17 year old patient with recurrent vomiting and hiccups
Surgical Oncology 55 years old post menopausal lady with abdominal distension
Oral Medicine and Radiology & Oral Pathology A 45 y old patient with recurrent oral ulcers" Dept of Orla Medicine, Radiology and Oral Pathology
Gen Surgery Unit-II 69 year old male with pain in left hypochondriac region - Dept. of Gen Surgery Unit- II
Orthopaedices Unit-IV Long standing joint pains and deformities a 66 year old lady management Challenges
Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatric Nephrology Unit A Two Year old Child with Fever with Jaundice
Guest Lecture Refractory Epilepsy current Concepts and Management
Gen Medicine Unit-II A Case of intractable cough in a middle aged man
Neonatology Challenges in the management of extreme preterms