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Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism

Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology (MGUMST) was established on 20-5-2020. The structure of IQAC consists of:

• Head of the Institution
• Teachers representing from all levels of various units of the university
• A member from the Board of Management
• Senior Administrative Officers of the University
• One nominees each from
i) Local society
ii) Students
iii) Alumni

• One nominee each from
i) Employers
ii) Industrialists
iii) Stakeholders

• Senior Teacher as the Coordinator/Director
• Secretary to Coordinator

Aims and Objectives of IQAC, MGUMST:

1. To improve institutional functioning towards quality enhancement and facilitate internalization of the quality culture.
2. To enhance and integrate the various activities of the institution and institutionalize many good practices.
3. To provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning
4. To enhance internal communication.
5. To streamline all the activities at MGUMST for developing culture for quality.

Report on activities undertaken by IQAC:

S. No.

Date of meeting

Agenda of the meeting

Action taken thereafter


27th May 2020


    roles and responsibilities of IQAC

    Requirements of NAAC

    The IQAC of MGUMST was established and its role and responsibilities were discussed

    All the 7 criteria required for NAAC accreditation were discussed in detail


3rd July 2020

    Progress made so far in the criteria

    The coordinator, IQAC, MGUMST briefed about the progress done so far


23rd September, 2020

    Appointment of coordinator for each criteria

    Seven faculty member of MGUMST were appointed for each criteria for NAAC accreditation


5th December, 2020

    IQAC activities

    All the seven coordinators briefed about the progress made in each criteria

    Streamlining of activities were done for green initiatives, student progression, feedback mechanism and physical infrastructure



29th January 2021

    Training on quality parameters

    Purchase of Enterprise Resource (ERP)

    Training program on quality parameters for teaching staff was organized from 10-13th February 2021

    ERP was purchased by MGUMST on 25th March 2021


5th May 2021

    Submission of IIQA in the month of June 2021-06-30

    Training program on office management and documentation

    Hands on training on preparation of quality responses and documentation

    IIQA of MGUMST was submitted on 14th June 2021

    Training program on office management and documentation for non teaching staff was conducted on 28th June 2021

    Hands on training program on preparation of qualitative responses and documentation was conducted from 29th June 2021 to 2nd July 2021.

Initiatives taken by IQAC related to quality enhancement and improvement:

Curricular Aspects
After discussion with IQAC Members, new programs were initiated by the university. Revision of syllabuses, new value added courses, elective course system in various programs and online Feedback mechanism from various stakeholders were also initiated by the IQAC.

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
E-content development, special programs for advanced and slow learners, newer student centric teaching and evaluation methods, faculty development programs and refroms in evaluation methods were initiated by IQAC

Research, Consultancy and Extension
Promotion of research as well as providing incentives for good quality research was emphasized by IQAC. Faculty members of the university were trained for intellectual property rights, research methodology and startups.

Infrastructure and Learning Resources
As an initiative by IQAC, State of the art sound proof lecture theatres were constructed in the campus with lecture capturing system. Modern skill laboratory and blood center were also established.

Student Support and Progression
Student council activities were encouraged. Registration of Alumni Association of Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Jaipur was done. Alumni of MGUMST were encouraged to actively participate in various activities.

Governance, Leadership and Management
To strengthen e-governance enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been procured on recommendation of IQAC. Other e-governance softwares used are Hospital information management system (HIMS), Pay-time, Telly, KOHA, Inflibnet and Moodle.

Innovations and Best Practices
Initiatives like regular celebration of all commemorative days, regular conduction of all quality audits, providing disabled and barrier free environment, skill enhancement by various training programs are strengthened by IQAC.

Other Activities initiated by IQAC are as follows-

• Curriculum Implementation Support Programme
• Training programme on quality parameter under faculty development programme
• Training Programme on Office Management and documentation for Non-teaching Staff
• Training on preparation of qualitative response and documentation towards NAAC Accreditation
• Training cum Video preparation programme
• E-Content Development
• Workshops on Intellectual Property Rights-Legal Aspects, Patents, Current scenario.

Details of other quality related programs

• Soft Skill
• Emergency Codes
• Bio Medical Waste management & Disinfection Practice
• Drug Administration, High Risk Medicine & LASA Drugs
• Early Warning Sign (MEWS Score)
• Hygiene
• Infection Control Practice & Spill Management
• Route of Drug Administration
• Sample Collection
• Cleaning agents & Deep Cleaning Practice
• Nursing Care in Cardiac Patients
• Pre & Post Operative Care of patient, disaster management, Legal Ethics & Aspect
• Catheterization, Gastric Lavage
• Ward Management
• BLS & Transportation of patient
• Drug & Nutrient Interaction
• How To Care Orthopedic and Onco Patient
• Infection Control Practice & Needle Stick Injury
• Disaster Management
• Nursing Profession, Legal Ethics & Aspects
• BLS & Transportation of Patient
• Quality Orientation and Diet Management & Total Parental
• Emergency Codes & NABH FAQ's
• Hospital Fire Safety
• Needle Stick Injury & Hand Hygiene Practice
• Employees Rights & Responsibility
• End of life care policy
• Fire & Safety and Emergency Codes
• Needle Stick Injury Hand Hygiene Practice
• Restraint Policy
• Age Specific Competence Care
• Pediatric and Neonate Advance Life Support
• Prevention of Medical Errors in Hospital Setup role and responsibility of nursing personals
• Critical Alert
• Admission and discharge criteria
• Revised Basic Course workshop
• Catheterization
• Best practice in phlebotomy and ABG Collection
• Insulin Technique
• Prevention of Medical Errors Reconstitution & Administration of High Risk Medicine
• Patient Diet

MGUMST did quality certifications like ISO, NABH and NABL as a part of quality assurance and sustenance.

IQAC of MGUMST is dynamic and functional and working for various tasks for quality management and enhancement.