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MGUMST International Student Cell


To promote internationalization and partnerships with international institutes, MGUMST is functional for collaboration with institutions globally for student exchange, student externships and higher education opportunities. MGUMST is committed to make its presence felt in the international academic circle.

The university has an active International Student Cell which facilitates the networking of students and faculty and trains them for:

• International work environment
• Fast changing medical and health care requirements
• Clinical research and advancement

The International Student Cell takes care of international students during their stay, from the time of their admission to completion of their study. The cell also promotes cordial student-student and student-teacher relationship.

Following are the major objectives addressed by the cell

1.Obtaining cutting edge technical knowledge and experience.
2.Facilitation of process of student exchange program
3.Assistance in documentation and hospitality
4.Credit mapping and other support activities


The student exchange process is facilitated by sharing information received from partner Institutions regarding opportunities for internship & exchange of students & faculty through notices, email etc.
International Student Cell of University assists both incoming and outgoing students in streamlining documentation, local stay, hospitality and travel arrangements.
The students are issued required certificates or reference letters for visits and VISA, on receiving confirmation from partner institutions.
Information regarding other opportunities available (apart from existing MoUs) are also shared as and when received with students and faculty of departments concerned.

Salient features:

MGUMST is the preferred university for foreign students undergoing internship. A positive feedback is received by students who have completed internship at MGUMST. The University provides effective and immediate assistance for foreign students. The University offers complete support for students willing to go for externship in foreign universities.

Composition of International Student Cell:

The International Student Cell of MGUMST comprises of a Chairperson, Member Secretary and other members designated by the University.



The Cell facilitates the process of application, documentation and certification for students who apply for externship at medical institutions/ universities outside India. Such students are provided assistance as and when required.


Students of foreign universities also apply for internship at MGUMST. The Cell ensures comfortable stay and other facilities for all such students.


Students who are foreign nationals are also permitted admission in various courses of university subject to clearance of their documents and eligibility.

Student International Cell also ensures active participation of foreign students in various academic and co-curricular activities of the University.

Contact Details:

Dr S K Meena
Principal, Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College
Director, Paramedical Studies, MGUMST
Member Secretary, International Student Cell, MGUMST
Contact no: +91-9414058796