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Blood Centre

Connecting Lives To Provide Hope of Healing By Advance Transfusion Services


It is an Institution that envisions meaningful medical services to the society. Blood-transfusion services is an integral part of medical therapy that can be life-saving in critical cases and have key role in solid organ and stem cell transplant program.

To provide best in class, safe and cost-effective supply of blood products to meet the needs of the healthcare community, patients and our donors through advanced transfusion medicine practices. Through these services the energy of the students is also channelized in social causes. The staff and faculty at blood centre is also involved in blood Centre management and advanced research activities in Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion.

The Context

To inculcate the values of Gandhian philosophy for human service and benevolence among the students as they are inspired for the activities like blood donation, platelet donation, plasma donation and advanced therapeutic care in life threatening conditions. Mission of our blood centre is to be Centre of excellence for blood transfusion services by providing safest possible clinical application that ensures the highest quality product and services, operating efficiencies, innovation and values the highest ethical, medical, and scientific standards, compassion, respect, integrity, and caring for all people, including the donor satisfaction and improved patient care , and the acquisition, sharing, and application of knowledge, thus fostering a corporate and civic culture to continually earn and maintain public trust.To lead the fields of transfusion medicine by adopting the most advancing technology and provide a ray of hope for the future by teaching the medical leaders of tomorrow.

The Practice

The Blood Centre at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital is committed to provide safe blood and its components with stress on quality, patient satisfaction and adherence to ethical standards with world class services. The Blood Centre provides distinctive services to the society by following services which are unique to Blood Centre MGUMST.

The management is committed to comply with all the ethics regulations and need of National and International Standards . The MGMCH Blood Centre is located in the premises of the SRCC annex block, in a highly clean and sterile environment. The Blood Centre has an area of 23000 sq ft for its operations. It is consisting of a room for Counseling, Blood collection, Apheresis, Blood component, Cryopreservation, Hematopoietic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell collection, Automated crossmatch lab with spacious registration and refreshment area. Our centre is providing a well-organized state-of- the- art blood transfusion and transplant immunology  services . All products are safest possible across the nation, clinically effective and of appropriate and consistent quality.


Strengths of Blood Centre Includes