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Outreach Activities

Outreach services

Community outreach services outline the efforts that connect an organization’s ideas or practices to the public, include an educational component that engages the community and is linked to the university’s mission.

Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Science and Technology (MGUMST) constantly promote activities for strengthening students and faculty in terms of Social Responsibilities towards neighborhood contributing to the holistic development of students and the society. Our mission is to develop a "dynamic, independent medical institution dedicated to provide high quality medical education & world class health services to the community".

In recent times the unequal distribution of healthcare services has proven to be a major challenge in public health management at rural India, hence through our outreach programs we aim to bridge this gap and serve all the classes of society at affordable prices.

Common Outreach Strategies employed by MGUMST

1. Discussions with stakeholders: This allows you to find opportunities that align with what they say matters to them leading to stronger relationships.
2. Participate in local festivals and community events to interact with the community, to raises awareness and to introduce your organization.
3. Partner your community in understanding the issues that affect them the most.
4. Target the leaders and influencers working on the ground.
5. Host Events, Trainings, and Seminars to appraise staff towards community teaching.
6. Create Mutually Beneficial Opportunities for all the concerned involved – University, Staff, Student and Community

The university aims at laying down a strong foundation for the best medical professionals in the country who are morally strong and have a highly dedicated work culture and will be continuing various institutional social responsibility activities in the neighborhood community in terms of education, environmental issues, health and hygiene awareness, delivery of free / subsidized health care and socio- economic development issues.

Medical and Dental Camps

Various programs, activities, orientations have been undertaken to familiarize the faculty and students via lectures and programs regarding Institutional Social Responsibilities and community outreach. The constituent colleges of the University undertakes special camps and programs to provide community oriented medical care to bring aid and health care directly to the rural poor, marginalized and needy, especially in un-served and under-served region with agencies like temples, clubs and various NGOs.

In the last five years around 500 camps and community programs with participation of more than 11,000 students and more than 800 faculty members have been conducted regarding institutional social responsibility activities in the neighborhood community. These camps involve free medicines, basic investigations, consultation and even transportation for evaluation and management at MGUMST.

Awareness campaigns

Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Science and Technology promotes schemes that are implemented by the state government like subsidized treatments or free medicine distribution to all the poor and needy people, JannaniSurakshaYojana, etc. benefitting thousands of patients. MGUMST promotes and undertakes special program implementation/awareness drives like Health Talks on AIDS Day, Asthma Day, Epilepsy Day, Blood Donation Day, No Tobacco Day, etc. Many social celebrations have been done over the last few years including participation in Yoga Day, Swachha Bharat Abhiyan etc.

Social outreach campaigns during COVID-19

MGUMST had been chosen as the first private COVID-19 center by the state government in this pandemic. There were very comprehensive and sustained efforts by the team of highly qualified and dedicated healthcare personnel over the past more than 1 year. The hospital not only provided investigative services to more than 25,000 patients but also provided treatment to more than 2 lakhs patients with one of the most comprehensive and complete protocols for Covid 19 management including isolation and ambulance services.

There were numerous personal and collaborative donations varying form food items, money etc. to rural poor, marginalized and needy, especially in un-served and under-served region. Some of the notable donations were, Food Donations during corona pandemic by our university; Donations for procuring grass and animal feed; Donations towards Rajasthan CMRF Covid-19 Mitigation Fund; Donation to PM care fund; Free home care consultancy; Concession waivers for deceased; Concession waivers to needy persons, Concession waivers to staff and subsidized Covid testing were few of the notable social commitments in which the university has spent more than INR 20crore over last 5 years.