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About Occupational Therapy College

Occupational Therapy College of Mahatma Gandhi University Medical Sciences & Technology

Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College (MGOTC) was established in the year 2014 Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College is attached with Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, which is 1100 bedded multispecialty & Super specialty Hospital. Our departments are well equipped with all modern therapy facilities.

Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College (MGOTC) is a constitute college of mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology, Jaipur. The college is recognized by the Government of Rajasthan, Department of Medical & Health and University Grant Commission, Government of India.

Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College (MGOTC) well designed curriculum of international standards with value-based education.

Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College (MGOTC) Rajasthan’s 1st Sensory, Hand & Neuro Development Occupational Therapy Centre for pediatrics & Adult patients, furnished with latest therapy equipments.

Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College has a well-qualified, committed and motivated faculty. Departments have well-equipped laboratories and clinics. In addition, there are a number of central facilities, which include a Computer centre, Central library, Sports and hostel facilities.

The Institute offers a healthy atmosphere and suitable student-teacher ratio to ensure that every student gets individual attention. The faculty at MGOTC is known for high standard of academic excellence and vast teaching experience. The Institute hosts qualified and experienced faculty to provide high academic teaching and also invites renowned senior visiting faculties from India, abroad and Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and for conducting advanced teaching and training through workshops and interactive seminars, from time to time. The students are encouraged to discover their aptitude and area of interest and are given a blend of knowledge and skills to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive work environment and become self-reliant.

Recognizing further, the need of the students and helping them to attain the professional competence, the Institute provides in-house training and development programmes such as: executive development programme, personality development programme, professional communication skills development programme (English Language Training) etc. The college also provides guidance and training for examinations like IELTS, TOEFL and other similar exams for pursuing higher education and jobs abroad.

Goals and Objects

The Vision
An endeavor to achieve a synergetic union of knowledge, skill and technology, to be a globally responsive and socially conscious Institute is committed to grooming highly skilled, innovative professionals by applying latest research, evaluations, expert guiding force, hands - on - training and optimum usage of resources.

1. To acquire adequate knowledge of basic medical subjects and to develop skills and knowledge of Occupational Therapy treatment so that they can work as a rehabilitation team member and to coordinate with other team members and also to provide therapeutic management of various medical and surgical conditions.
2. To acquire skills in management, research and teaching in Occupational Therapy as well as guidance and counseling of patients regarding Occupational Therapy.
3. To acquire proper attitude for compassion and concerns for patients and welfare of physically & mentally handicapped in the community.
4. To practice moral and ethical values, evidence-based practice with regard to Occupational Therapy.

Outreach programs:

Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College is collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and community health centre conducts do wellness. Regular medical camps that provides screening of the patients and counseling for students in schools as well as community. College students accompany skilled practitioners from the hospital to provide free services and to spread awareness. They are sensitized to people with special needs, especially children with learning problems.

What is Occupational Therapy?

“Occupational Therapy is as a profession concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. Occupational Therapists achieve this outcome by enabling people to do things that will enhance their ability to participate or by modifying the environment to better support participation.


The library has latest books and journals, both national & international for reference as well as for home issue. There is a provision of digital Library and internet facility in the Central library which is accessible to all the students.


Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College is established in the Annex Building, Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & Technology, Jaipur.

Departments of Occupational Therapy

The faculty & staff engaged for occupational therapy primarily were grouped under this department. The activities of the department include therapeutic services to patients through indoor, outdoor & outreach, teaching & training and R&D etc. To improve the performance of the persons with disability in activities of daily livings (ADL), customized occupational activities are used. This therapy is community oriented, cost effective and more suitable for developing countries. With the modern gadgets, it has a definitive role in work assessment, modification in work station to improve efficiency and to reduce loss of man-days in the industrial set up.

Development of adaptive devices are other important areas of occupational therapy. Apart from the services to indoor and outdoor patients, manpower development through long and short term training programs, refresher courses for therapists and research activities were taken up.

There are following units under the college.

  • General Occupational Therapy Unit
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • ADL Training
  • Hand Therapy, Hand Splint & Adaptive Devices
  • List of courses (UG/PG)
    Mahatma Gandhi Occupational Therapy College offered the following courses

  • BOT- Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Course shall extend over a period of (4) four academic years and (6) six months of compulsory Rotatory Internship.
  • MOT- Master of Occupational Therapy Post- Graduate Degree course shall be Two Academic years.