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OT Laboratory

1. Functional restoration lab: -

Focuses on restoring bodily functions enquired to carry out one's daily activities. Here assessments are done keeping in mind the age and condition specific issues. Such as, attention, memory falls, neurological issues, cardiovascular issues, etc. After individualized assessment we provide individualized exercise programs which include but is not limited to biofeedback, coping strategies, home modifications, energy conservation, fall prevention, etc.

2. Cognitive - Motor performance:-

Cognition is necessary for carrying out the day-to-day living activities. The cognitive - Motor performance lab focuses on restoring and remediating cognitive functions of the brain, attention, orientation, memory, problem solving, abstract thinking, and calculation, through use of puzzles and fun-activities.

3. Developmental and Sensory - Motor

Focuses on the treatment of the children with developmental disorders such as CP, spina bifida, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, etc. It includes interventions to optimize physical function, Activities of daily living, by building developmental skills, Neuromuscular Re-education, gait and balance training, and adaptive equipment recommendation.

4. Assistive Technology:-

Assistive Technology services help people to select, buy and use assistive technology devices. This could include proper assessment to help in determining which devices best fit their individual needs, training, how to use the devices after acquiring them.

Goals of the department - - Ergonomic work - station design
- House and work place designing
- Vehicle modification
- Adapted during evaluation and training. Services provided - - Wheelchair assessment and prescription
- Wheelchair skill training
- Adaptive computer devices fabrication
- Seating and positioning system for the Wheelchair

5. Hand Therapy

Focuses on restoring the function of hand who have undergone fractures, tendon transfers, crush injuries, CTD (Cumulative Trauma Disorders), work related problems and neurological conditions, like stroke, Spinal Cord Injury and degenerative conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis.

AIM is to building up strength and endurance, increase fine and gross motor function of hand and independence in ADL.

Our team is well-equipped with skilled professionals with low temprature thermoplastic splinting materials and equipment along with biofeedback and theraband.